Wireless Policy


The Board of Directors of The Credit Valley Golf and Country Club recognizes that Wireless Communication Devices (WCD) are very much a part of our lives. We also recognize the importance of all members' rights to enjoy the peace and tranquility offered at Credit Valley. For this reason we have chosen to implement the following WCD policy:

  • While on Credit Valley property all WCD's are to be switched to silent mode. Under no circumstances is the use of these devices to detract from other members' enjoyment of the course, the clubhouse or the property.
  • Cell phone use is prohibited in any area of the clubhouse that provides food and beverage service. Men's and Ladies' locker room locker bays are excluded.
  • In all other circumstances, all incoming calls should transfer to voicemail or be dealt with in a manner that does not disturb other members' enjoyment of the clubhouse, golf course or practice facilities.
  • Email and text messaging functions may be used anywhere on the premises; however, we ask that common courtesy, discretion and consideration for others be used while using your WCD.

Your respect for our policy will allow all Credit Valley members and guests to continue to enjoy the relaxing experience of our golf club. Your co-operation is appreciated.